Our Service Solutions

HR Consultancy

We are the ideal solution for very small to large organisations to develop Human Resources specific expertise, effective processes or programs, and integrate them into the business.

Through all projects we carry out we aim to address a wide range of Human Resources management decisions, many a time we aid on strategic alignment, organisational effectiveness or even on increasing business’ competitiveness.

Very often available to commence any type of project very quickly, we are the ideal resource to manage and add extra impetus to a business-critical People programme.

HR Outsourcing Service

Human Resources is an essential part of any business, but when there are not the resources required to develop an in-house HR staff that would be able to tackle every aspect of their department, business can suffer badly and HR Outsourcing Service is an ideal solution.

HR Outsourcing Service is a solution that works with businesses of all size, even with businesses that have fewer than 10 employees.

We handle a variety of separate, unbundled outsourced HR tasks and like this we enable organisations to focus on its core business keeping it running smoothly.

HR Interim management

Interim management gives quick access to a seasoned yet hands-on HR executive, manager or expert with a proven track record, matching present business’ needs and integrating seamlessly.

Interim managers or experts are typically hired for a period of time to help organisations with major change or improvement, implementing a critical strategy or looking to plug a critical management or specialist gap.

Solutions oriented, well experienced and multilingual HR Interim Management secures business continuity and has the advantage of a straight return on investment.


Why us ?


You are partnering with experienced professionals who want to give you the service you need.

We stand for a vast practical experience, having served in a wide range of HR positions at senior level.

We want to accompany our clients in the best way possible and will not only meet, but exceed expectations.


We keep our language and our solutions simple and effective. We focus on results and are implementation oriented.

Shoulder to shoulder with the client, we strive to accomplish permanent quality improvements.

As we are small, we are also responsive and agile. We adapt as needs change and we are proud to stake our reputation on it.


Our approach is tailored to the real needs of each client.

We are flexible with respect to the scope, run time of projects and your challenges are given in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking.

In each and every project we work on, we offer very personal service from experienced to senior-level consultants.


We understand how important it is that our clients get the best value for money and for that reason we work on the basis of a realistic and feasible fee.

We have worked hard to find the best ways to provide our clients with affordable People solutions without sacrificing the quality of our services.

Our fees are typically pre-agreed so our clients know the actual costs.

My professional experience has definitely been key to the start up of my activity.

I’ve performed several senior HR roles within international established organisations and built up over 20 years of solid HR experience and expertise in several countries such as Luxembourg, Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

Passionate about business, partnering and HR, starting up PWS Consult has been a natural evolution.

I have enjoyed developing a professional activity, accessible also to very small companies, differentiated by a personal and pragmatic approach and incorporating long lasting values.