Head of HR ad interim

PWS Consult has been chosen to cover “ad interim” the role of Head of HR and helped as such the client to plug instantly a critical management gap, ensuring continuity of day-to-day operations.

The HR interim manager offered also strategic counsel to our client’s executives and rolled up the sleeves delivering client’s strategy and critical tasks.


A large worldwide organisation, delivering industry solutions on managing financial processes, commissioned PWS Consult to work with the leadership team on high-level recruitment.

PWS Consult specifically assisted on competence and behavioural assessment of a senior level high-impact role for their organisation.

Employee Relations

Our client is a very small company in the financial industry in Luxembourg who does not have an in-house HR staff.

The CEO of the company engaged PWS Consult on HR case management.

PWS Consult is assisting on the process of handling problematic individual cases, more specifically on issues of underperforming.

Change project

When there is a need to downsize headcount, a company typically also looks into other ways of optimising its business’ efficiency. As a result, our client launched a project to focus on specific anomalous costly HR practices and PWS Consult was selected to run this project.

The role of the Consultant started with capturing the business challenge and translating it into solutions fitting the client’s needs. More specifically, the client’s business is bound to seasons and their construction sites are very remote, spread over three countries. Thus the Consultant scoped the project around re-defining the work time policy, harmonising the travel policy, as well as developing related HR policies on topics such as remuneration and performance.

PWS Consult was also in charge of the implementation of the Change project.

Restructuring program

Our client is an established international company in the infrastructure industry, whose part of its activities was going through an important business transformation within a critical economic environment. The company had unfortunately to review its cost structure, also downsizing substantially its headcount.

PWS Consult has taken on responsibility of leading and delivering the Restructuring Program. Its Transition Manager handled the project from the analysis phase, proposal of solution, through to leading negotiations with unions into the implementation of the Collective Dismissal Plan. The Restructuring program was covering two jurisdictions, Luxembourg and France, and PWS Consult dealt with both.