Who Are We?

Practically speaking, we act as an extension of our client's insurance and risk management department, whether that function is handled by the Owner, CFO or Risk Manager.


PozmantierWilliams can be retained for a specific project or on a continuing basis, compensated either hourly or by retainer.  We do not sell insurance.  On a fee basis, we help our clients design, implement, and monitor cost effective property and casualty insurance programs.


What are our core values?

Stability, being best of class, integrity, responsiveness, loyalty and service- dictate our dedication to assisting our clients in achieving their vision. We want to help our clients protect their balance sheet, so they can focus on building it.

We are not affiliated with any insurance company, agent or broker, but have excellent relationships with all those we work with. It is very important to us to treat people with the same respect we like to receive.


Our Services Include:


What is unique about our people and our services?


Two great guys who always drink upstream from the herd.

Don Grogg, President & Pump Peddler, Texas Process Equipment