When Might You Benefit?

Our clients have found that outsourcing some of their insurance and risk managment duties to our partners is very cost effective in addition to gaining a higher level of expertise.

When might our services be of benefit to you?

  • When management does not have the time and/or expertise to evaluate insurance alternatives
  • When there has been a long term relationship with one broker and management wants an objective, third party opinion
  • Where there has been a claim that was either not covered or the recovery was less than expected
  • Where a decision has been made to change brokers and management would like assistance and guidance in the selection of a new broker
  • When management believes their insurance cost is not comparable with their exposures or that of their peers
  • Management is not sure all of its risks are being addressed by its current insurance program
  • Management is not satisfied or is uncomfortable with the insurance and risk management advice it is receiving