Mergers & Executive Insurance Review

We are diverse in our ability to review insurance programs whether they be for multi-million dollar companies or the personal insurance protection for the executives that run those companies.

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Assist in developing a checklist of documents to be obtained and questions to be asked
  • Obtain documents and identify risks
  • Analyze loss experience reports, identify pending and prior litigation
  • Analyze indemnification and insurance clauses in important business contracts
  • Review insurance policies and environmental issues
  • Identify potential hidden liabilities and costs from retrospectively rated programs, retentions, self insured plans and “tail” liability obligations
  • Submit recommendations based on comparing exposures to the existing insurance coverages
  • Discuss Representations and Warranty Insurances

Executive Insurance Review

  • Analysis and critique of individual’s personal insurance policies
  • Homeowners, Ranchowners, Second Homes, Automobile, Yachts, Airplanes, Umbrella policies
  • Emphasis on determining adequate liability limits and identifications of gaps
  • Recommend improvements
  • Assistance in negotiation of major claims